Why MonkSweet monk fruit sweetener?

Flavor Profile
MonkSweet pure monk fruit extract has a neutral flavor in most applications, although it may impart a slight melon-rind note. Sweetness comes from a group of compounds called mogrisides within the fruit from the Siraitia grosvenorii plant. Chemically, mogrosides are triterpenoidal saponins. There are five numbered mogrosides, as well as other glycosides, and each has distinct sweetness characteristics. Mogroside-5 is predominant. Sweetness of individual mogrosides can vary up to 400 times the sweetness of sugar.

Clean Label Formulating
Steviva Ingredients offers MonkSweet monk fruit extracts and sweeteners. MonkSweet pure monk fruit extract is one of our line of high intensity sweeteners, that yield 250 to 400 times the sweetness of sucrose. Extremely low percentages of MonkSweet pure monk fruit extract is required, and because of the intense sweetening power, MonkSweet’s use must be carefully controlled.

Our contracts with manufacturers and suppliers provide consistent, dependable ingredient sourcing making Steviva Ingredients a reliable supply chain partner for MonkSweet monk fruit sweeteners.


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